AiM Solo DL GPS Lap Timer

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Solo DL adds an ECU connection to the Solo product, this data is stored alongside the GPS data to allow for much more in depth data analysis, it can also send ECU data to a smartycam where it can be overlaid on to the video. Compatible with a huge number of ECUs from standard road cars via the OBDII port to complex motorsport ECUs via CAN or serial. Standard Solo features are: The Solo from Aim Motorsport is revolutionary new lap timer like no other. Using GPS technology instead of beacons and receivers the Solo can be used for timing on any circuit including hillclimbs and sprints. The Solo has a built in database of race circuits and will recognise which circuit you are at on arrival, which saves you time on setting the sytem up, you can literaly plug n play. The feature packed Solo lap timer can display a number of lap timing options including - Rolling lap Time Static Lap Time Precictive Lap Time (as a calculated lap time during your current lap). Predictive Lap Time (as a difference bertween the calculated current lap and best lap time). Speed The best lap time and lap number are also displayed on the same screen. Different screen displays can be selected to show the information best suited to your needs. The features dont stop there... If drag racing is more your thing then the Solo can cater for you too. The GPS technology and inbuilt accelerometer alows it to record the following - 1/4 Mile Times With Terminal Speed 1/8 Mile Times 0-60 MPH Time 0-100 KPH Time 0-160 KPH Time 100, 400 & 1000m Times ... and if that wasnt enough, The solo comes with a 'race studio 2' sofware package which allows you to analyse your data via track maps and graphs to show your speed and times at every point on the circuit. In a nutshell the Solo is a lap timer for all kinds of motorsport from circuit racing to drag racing and hillclimbs / sprints. There are no receivers or speed inputs to wire up, just simply plug into the vehicles cigarette lighter with the included cable. Solo comes with a flat metal bracket and screws that take advantage of the magnets placed on the product rear. If you require a different installation, i.e. on the car front glass, optional supports are available.