Caterham Specific Video VBOX Lite 2 Camera + OLED Display Package

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This kit designed for Caterhams makes installation a breeze, it contains a caterham specific power cable, roll cage camera mounts along with the renowed Video VBox Lite 2 camera systems and OLED display kit. Housed in a rugged plastic enclosure, the Video VBOX Lite in-car video system is designed to provide many of the features of the Video VBOX Pro, at a much lower price. It has the ability to record DVD quality video from two cameras, logs GPS data at 10Hz, and incorporates a real time customisable graphic overlay. Video VBOX Lite is smaller and lighter than the Video VBOX Pro, weighing just 360 grams and measuring 12cm x 12cm x 4cm. There are no special mounting requirements or heat dissipation considerations, so the box can be placed anywhere convenient inside the car. Video VBOX Lite is ideally suited for use on trackdays and can be easily transferred between cars, allowing you to compare your driving with that of your friends! The graphics are fully customisable with the supplied easy to use software. Each Video VBOX Lite system comes complete with the stunning new Circuit Tools data analysis software. A very important, but often overlooked point when choosing in car video systems, is that the video recorded by the unit can be played in most standard media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC etc. and can be uploaded directly to YouTube without any conversion. To ensure reliability, locking connectors are used on the cameras and power supply, and the same ‘tank circuit’ battery as featured on the Video VBOX Pro is used to deal with unwanted disruptions to the power supply, ensuring no loss of files. The OLED display is the perfect partner to VBOX data logging systems.It is fully waterproof, and features sharp graphics and simple operation for quick and easy in-vehicle use. The OLED display has the ability to show a range of parameters, including predictive lap timing, live and max speed, g-force, and lap times, and can quickly switch between display modes using the Up and Down buttons. The display has the capacity to start and stop logging in conjunction with some VBOX models, and can also report logging status. The unit has an internal accelerometer that flips the screen in accordance with the way it is mounted, and the option to invert screen colours or display the font as a high contrast outline to match lighting conditions makes it very flexible.

*** Now includes 4 CAN channels as standard ***