Racelogic Video VBox Pro 2 Camera System

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A high-end in-car video system aimed primarily at motor-sport professionals and corporate driving schools, Video VBOX offers a whole host of features in a rugged, CNC machined enclosure.

Video VBOX combines a Digital Video Recorder, Real-time graphical overlay and a VBOX GPS data-logger in a single, easy to use package.

Many car manufacturers, tyre companies, corporate driving centres, car launch specialists, web magazines and TV programs are now utilising the features of the Video VBOX to enhance their testing, online and broadcast coverage.

A very important, but often overlooked point when choosing in car video systems, is that the video recorded by the unit can be played in most standard media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC etc. and can be uploaded directly to YouTube without any conversion.

To maintain reliability, high quality LEMO connectors are used throughout, and during development, the units have undergone rigorous vibration testing on Racelogic's in-house test rig to simulate the harshest of conditions.

The GPS engine in each Video VBOX is calibrated using the sophisticated LabSat GPS Simulator, in order to maintain the accuracy associated with all VBOX products.

A built-in battery ‘tank circuit’ maintains power for temporary drops in supply, and should the power supply become permanently disconnected whilst recording, all files are safely closed.

By using the optional USB host cable, Video VBOX can store the video and data files to an external USB stick, which means the main video logger can be placed anywhere convenient, and the user will still have easy access to the storage medium. This setup is ideal for corporate environments.

You can customise all of the graphical elements which are embedded in the video footage using the scene design software supplied as part of the package.

The software package allows you to place your own logos, customised gauges, bar graphs, track maps, G-force gauges and text anywhere onto the scene.

You can also configure the size and layout of the picture in picture for the additional cameras.

There are a number of pre-defined scenes shipped with each system, and registered users can also download a large library of scenes.

*** Now includes 8 CAN channels as standard ***