AiM MXL2 Dash Logger

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The new MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts. The MXL2 also now offers a dual colored backlight of high contrast white and red which can also be changed conditionally. 6 configurable RGB alarm LEDs can also be used to display conditions to the driver, each can be configured to display solid, flashing in a wide range of colours for any condition you choose. An ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at optimum brightness levels. An integrated shift light is a hallmark of the MXL, but an even better 10 LED shift light array is found in the MXL2. Choose from a host of advanced multicolored RGB shift light patterns that can be customized to your liking, and for each unique gear when required. Configure, calibrate and download your data wirelessly over a secure 802.11 WiFi connection. Lightweight aluminum mil-spec Motorsport connectors now standard on the MXL2.