MoTeC M1 ECU Partner

Race Data Systems are proud to be a MoTeC M1 Partner.

In addition to providing the exceptional MoTeC M1 with MoTeC firmware packages such as GPA and GPR we are also able to develop and sell our own firmware packages and to offer custom development services to our customers. With this innovative and powerful platform we can help you to complete the most complex of projects.

Race Data Systems Packages

  • RDS Geartronics GCU-P

    We have worked with Geartronics to provide a package for M130 and M150 ECU variants allowing connection to existing Geartronics GCUs. These packages provide an increase in paddle shift functionality over the old Mx00 ECU models and are the best choice for customers with an existing Geartronics system looking for a cost effective ECU upgrade.Both physical connections to GCUs and CAN based torque control messages from later GCU3 models are supported

  • RDS Race + Geartronics

    Once again working with Geartronics we have produced an M1 package based on GPR incorporating full geartronics GCU functionality, we support 1N2 gear patterns and half shift for neutral as well as several other features not offered by MoTeC's own gear shift. In addition each ECU comes in a package with highly regarded and fully field tested shift hardware with multiple 24H winning credentials and full support from us and Geartronics ensuring your shift is the best it can be. Few people in the work understand paddleshift like Geartronics do and you can benefit from that knowledge with this M1 package.

OEM Work

We have experience in developing on the MoTeC M1 platform for OEMs and can help you achieve your goals in projects targeting both road going and race vehicles. The MoteC M1 platform is exceptionally secure keeping your intellectual property safe and preventing unauthorized persons from modifying your engine calibration making it perfect for protecting you against unnecessary warranty claims and ensure equality between competitors when selected as a control ECU.

Control ECU for race series.

The M1 platform provides the perfect basis for use as a control ECU for race series. When using Race Data Systems developed firmware competing teams can be given access to change calibration parameters with in bounds set by the organisers, for example 3 degrees of ignition offset either side from the championship base calibration or 5 degrees of camshaft movement. This level of control allows the best teams to excel whilst limiting the scope of modification. In addition a championship scrutineering log can be configured to log certain parameters, this log data is only accessible to the right people yet the individual teams can still leverage the advanced capabilities of MoTeC logging and i2 analysis software.

Further information

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