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Race Technology 3rd Party Video Sync License

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The 3rd party video licence allows you to use your own camera system and manually synchronise this with the data from a Race Technology data logger. The addition of video to the data for analysis is fast becoming the norm in high level motor racing, using our software licence you can work on your driving like big budget teams at a fraction of the cost. In addition to that you will also be able to reprocess the video and data together and add the same overlays used for the VIDEO4. Then you can use our DVD burning software to quickly create DVDs with menus and chapters. The optional VIDEO Synchroniser is used to link video from a third party recorder, such as a camcorder, with the data from one of Race Technology's data loggers. The way the system works is quite simple, the unit provides reference points in the video to sync the data to. The unit is controlled by the data logger and will flash at the correct frequency when logging commences, and this flashing appears subtly in the video.