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Bosch Motorsport ABS M5 Porsche 991 Cup Car Kit

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The Bosch Motorsport ABS M5 Kit Porsche Cup is a derivative of the successful ABS M4 kit and specifically designed for Porsche 991 Cup cars. A vehicle specific wiring harness is included in the kit. Individual car parameters like e.g. vehicle weight, vehicle track, wheel weights, wheel circumferences, wheel base or number of increments can be calibrated with software free of charge. The ABS function is a compromise between drivability and brake effectiveness. Drivability is the primary focus for passenger based vehicles. The ABS is designed to keep the passenger vehicle manoeuvrable and stable under any circumstances and under any conceivable driving conditions. In a motorsports context, this compromise shifts towards brake effectiveness, as experienced drivers can still control a slightly unstable vehicle. ABS M5 is suitable for front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. It is based on a series production ABS and adapted in years of development work to meet motorsport requirements. If, during braking, the measured wheel speed deviates from the system’s predicted wheel speed, the ABS controller takes over, correcting the brake force to keep the wheel at the optimum slip level and so achieving the highest possible deceleration rate. Features:

  • Nine different control settings (Pos. 1-9)
  • Two additional customer-specific control maps storable (Pos. 10+11)
  • Switch off ABS functions (Pos. 12)
  • Reset the system with a switch in the cockpit
  • Connectivity for data loggers and display (via CAN)
  • Programming and diagnosis software
  • Repair / Bleeding Wizard