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Bosch Motorsport MM5.10 Acceleration, Yaw and Roll Rate Sensor

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The Bosch Motorsport MM5.10 was designed to measure the physical effects of rotational and linear acceleration. In order to achieve this, the sensor includes MEMS measuring elements connected to an appropriate integrated circuit. The data is then made available on the CAN bus for logging or comsumption by other devices, for example using yaw rate as part of your traction control strategy.
  • 2-axis rotation rate (yaw rate, roll rate)
  • 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y, Z)
  • 1 Mbaud or 500 kbaud CAN-output
  • 15 Hz low-pass filtered
  • Measurement ranges: ±4.2 g; ±163°/s
  • 35g without wire, 80mm x 56mm x 21mm