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Bosch Wheel Speed Signal Splitter

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Bosch Motorsport has developed a wheel speed module that converts the Bosch DF11 (differential dual hall sensors) signals to a signal that can be processed by peripheral engine controlling devices and data recording systems. The adapter can be plugged into any Bosch ABS M4 loom. The operation principle is that it forwards the sensor information to the ABS. In addition it converts the speed info into a digital signal. The type of output is open collector. The connected device needs to contain an internal pull up resistor of 2.15 kOhm to 12 V like the MS 4 ECUs. The interface is available in two different housings supporting one connector or two connectors (see photo). The single connector type is used if the signal is fed back into an especially pre-defined ABS loom which connects e.g. to the original chassis loom. The double connector type is used if the speed signal is broadcast to the peripheral device via a separate loom. The wheel speed signal splitter is designed to be used in combination with the Bosch Motorsport ABS system. Due to safety reasons it is not designed for usage in combination with other ABS systems