MoTeC L120 Enclosed Logger (USB)

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The L120 (USB) enclosed logger is a multipurpose device that can be used in a range of applications depending on which options are enabled. Please note this product comes with Cable #61279.


D Series Display Controller

Any L120 (USB) can be used as a controller for any MoTeC D series display. The L120 (USB) can forward all of the channels required for the driver to the D153 or D175 , including lap timing, CANand RS232 channels and much more.

Fully Featured Logger (with optional upgrade 29601)

With the I/O upgrade, the L120 (USB) can log any CAN and RS232 bus, as well as inputs wired directly to the box. This powerful logger can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, ensuring that the weight can be kept low and wiring to a minimum.

CAN and RS232 Logger

The L120 (USB) can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, and used to log any channels from both of the L120 (USB) CAN busses, as well as the RS232 bus. With only Power, CAN and RS232 connections, this is a simple to use enclosed logger.

T2 Telemetry Box

Using the L120 (USB) as a T2 box (optional upgrade) incorporates MoTeC's T2 telemetry system when you don't have a MoTeC colour display in the vehicle. The L120 (USB) with the T2 upgrade can receive messages from most other CAN units (such as non MoTeC ECUs and data loggers), convert it to a T2 data stream and transmit it out to the Radio for the pit side T2 system.

Can Bus Bridge

When the L120 (USB) is used without any upgrades, it can be used as a device that can take messages from one bus and pass it onto another. This is very useful where a vehicle has information that needs sharing, but the two CAN busses are incompatible, such as different bus speeds.


  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications
  • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs
  • Easily integrates with MoTeC CAN based products such as ECUs and expanders. Full I/O expansion available with use of E888, E816 expanders.
  • GPS Lap Timing
  • Supports T2 Telemetry


  • 29601 – L120 I/O
  • 29621 – L120 PRO ANALYSIS
  • 29624 – L120 T2 TELEMETRY