MoTeC L180 Enclosed Logger

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The L180 Enclosed Logger is a powerful control device and fully programmable data logger with 250 MB memory. USB logging is optional and increases the internal memory to 500 MB.
It acquires data from devices such as an ECU can be used in a range of applications.


  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications 
  • Can be used as a controller for any MoTeC D series display, forwarding all required channels to the display, including lap timing, CAN and RS232 channels and much more.  
  • Can be placed anywhere in the vehicle and log any CAN and RS232 bus, as well as inputs wired directly to the box. 
  • The T2 Telemetry optional upgrade adds the T2 Telemetry system into the vehicle. The L180 with the T2 upgrade can receive messages from most other CAN units (such as non MoTeC ECUs and data loggers), convert it to a T2 data stream and transmit it out to the radio for the pit side T2 system. 
  • Supports Wideband Lambda from MoTeC PLMs or LTCs 
  • Easily integrates with MoTeC CAN based products such as ECUs and expanders. Full I/O expansion available with use of E888, E816, VIM and SVIM expanders. 
  • GPS Lap Timing 
  • Tell Tales 
  • Diagnostic Logging 
  • Preserved Channels  
  • Running Min/Max, Timers, PID Control, Engine Log.




  • 62206 – C185 LOOM

Optional Upgrades

  • 29715 – L180 500MB + USB LOGGING
  • 29702 – L180 44 I/O
    • 10 extra analogue voltage inputs (AV11 to AV20, see pinout)
    • 4 extra analogue temperature inputs (AT5 to AT8, see pinout)
  • 29721 – L180 PRO ANALYSIS
  • 29724 – L180 T2 TELEMETRY (2nd generation Telemetry)


Advanced Functions provides:

    • Advanced Maths
    • Channel Maths
    • 16 x 2D Tables (instead of 4)
    • 16 x 3D Tables (instead of 4)
    • 50 User Conditions (instead of 20)