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Race Technology 3rd Party Video Sync Module

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The VIDEO Synchroniser is used to link video from a third party recorder, such as a camcorder, with the data from one of Race Technology's data loggers. The way the system works is quite simple, the unit provides reference points in the video to sync the data to. The unit is controlled by the data logger and will flash at the correct frequency when logging commences, and this flashing appears subtly in the video. To avoid distracting the driver, the LED is a special type that can be seen by the video system, but it is "out of the range" of the human eye. Also to allow the system to work in bright daylight and in dark conditions it "auto dims" itself so it's never too obtrusive in the video. When you load the video into the analysis software, the software scans the video for the flashing LED and locates the exact time when it first starts to flash and when it stops flashing. These times are then used to synchronise the video and data with excellent accuracy, typically just a few frames of video.