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The DASH 4 PRO is designed as a display for competitive automotive applications. Its compact size, low weight and water resistance make it suitable for almost all applications, from karts and motorcycles to saloon cars and formula cars. The display extends the functionality of our data loggers by allowing useful information to be displayed live in the vehicle. The DASH 4 PRO unit can be configured to monitor an array of data channels, in various formats. The graphical display type allows numerical data to be displayed in varying text heights, along with graphs and bar charts. The unit must be linked to one of our data logging devices, typically a DL1 PRO/DL1 MK3, though a number of our other products, including the DL1 Classic and DL2, SPEEDBOX, and ECU interface (to display ECU parameters only) are compatible. As standard the DASH4 PRO comes ready to connect to a DL1. If the DASH4 PRO is to be connected to anything else (for example a DL2 or SPEEDBOX) then please inquire with Race Technology for the correct lead. DASH4 PRO features Lap timing is one of the most important parameters for every racer. This information can be displayed in a number of ways on the DASH4 PRO to ensure that the most important information is presented in a clear and concise way, tailored to the user's exact preference. There are six key lap timing parameters that the DASH4 PRO calculates: * Lap counter. This is a simple counter to show which lap you are on. * Sector time. This is the time it took to complete the previous sector * Lap time. This is the time up to that point on the current lap * Delta sector time. This indicates how much faster or slower your last sector was compared with your best overall time for that same sector * Delta lap time. This indicates how much faster or slower you are going compared with the same point on your best lap * Predictive lap time. This makes a calculation - based on your current completed sectors in this lap - and displays a prediction of what your lap time will be. This prediction is based upon the assumption that you will complete all of the remaining sectors in the same time that it took you during your best lap. Any combination of these parameters can be displayed as each lap or sector is completed, in a format that is specified using the configuration software. The unit comes pre-configured with the most common options, so that it can be used without any need for reconfiguration. Using a DL1 MK3 or DL1 PRO makes live time slip available, showing how you compare to your fastest sectors so far. This can be configured to display on one set of shift lights. Showing greens for faster and reds for slower etc. Physical mounting of the DASH4 PRO There are 3 mounting options: * Using the supplied stainless steel bracket, the unit can be mounted to 3 bolt formula or 6 bolt Momo/Sparco fitting steering wheels. The unit has been designed to fit within most small formula wheels. * For temporary mounting in a race environment onto a flat surface we recommend using scotch lock tape onto the rear of the unit. * For permanent mounting the unit has 4 blind tapped holes which are designed to take M4 screws with a maximum penetration of 6mm. The wound cable exits the rear of the unit with a sealed metal grommet. For mounting to a flat surface clearance must be allowed for the cable exit grommet. The unit is supplied with a wound cable running from the unit to an in-line connector. A second cable is supplied with a bulkhead connector (for connecting to the wound DASH4 PRO cable) to d-type for connection to data logger.