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Race Technology DL1 SPORT Data Logger

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The DL1 SPORT is Race Technology's entry level unit, perfect for new users and those wanting an easy to use system. It is also the ideal tool for users wanting to improve their driving at races and track days. Very simple to set up and use with user friendly simplified configuration software, but still using high quality and proven hardware such as the 5Hz GPS system and digital accelerometer. The logger is expandable with a range of analogue sensors and ECU interfaces, and can also be connected directly to any of the Race Technology range of dashboards and video systems. The data from the DL1 SPORT can be loaded directly into Race Technology's widely acclaimed data analysis software to check lap times, check where time was lost and gained, and how improvements could be made using their simulation tool.

Why not upgrade to our DL1 / Dash2 Package which includes Race Technology's DL1 SPORT data logger for full data logging capabilities, a saving of over £199 when purchased together!