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Race Technology Serial ECU Interface

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The Race Technology ECU interface is a small in-line module to allow data from your engine management system to be displayed and recorded

Who is the ECU interface designed for?

The ECU interface is designed for anyone wishing to read vehicle or drive train sensor data directly from their ECU, without the need for additional sensors. Common parameters such as engine speed, coolant temperature, throttle position, etc, are normally available from the ECU, so no additional sensors would be required if using the ECU interface. This leaves the analogue input channels on your data logger free for connection to more specialised sensors, not normally monitored by your ECU (eg: suspension travel).

Key Features

  • Compatible with Race Technology displays and data loggers as stand alone units, or as part or a data logger and display system
  • Compatible with a wide range of ECUs
  • Receive data from existing vehicle sensors via your ECU - no need to add additional sensors for data logging
  • All channels from the ECU are in addition to the channels already provided with the Race Technology data logger/display
  • The serial interface is reprogrammable for a wide range of popular ECUs, with further models being added all the time
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • Robust CNC machined aluminium enclosure (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1 cm) with potted electronics
  • Supplied with cables, instruction manual and comprehensive software CD

Compatible ECUs

The interface is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket ECUs.

A list of compatible ECUs for the serial interface follows:

  • AEM
  • Autronic SMC v1.91, 1.92, 1.99
  • Autronic SM2 1.91, 1.92, 1.94, 1.99
  • Autronic SM2 v1.93 and v1.95
  • Autronic SM4 up to v1.07
  • Autronic SM4 v1.08
  • Autronic SM4 v1.09
  • DTA P8 Pro
  • DTA S40/S60/S80
  • Electromotive TEC3
  • Electromotive TEC GT
  • EMS Stinger and 8860
  • HYDRA 2.60
  • Link G4
  • MBE 941
  • MBE 967
  • Motec M4 M48
  • Motec M400 M800
  • Nira I3
  • OMEX 600
  • OMEX 710
  • Pectel
  • Tatech v0.5
  • VEMS
  • ViPEC V44 and V88

ECUs are being added to the compatibility list all the time. Please contact Race Data Systems to confirm compatibility with your ECU.

When ordering a serial interface please be sure to include your contact details with the order, so we may contact you to confirm the exact model required.